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Watching Korean dramas is my favourite hobby just as it is for a lot of people. We love the clean and sharp imagery, beautiful actors, cute couples and engaging story lines. Still many of us experience problems watching k-dramas which can spring from where to download and stream dramas that are data-friendly, how to pick the right one and even how to deal with k-dramas with no English subtitle.

Now from personal experience, this can be such a drag. You scour the internet like the stalker that you are and finally, you are rewarded with a download of the drama that you wanted. You smile to yourself creepily, sit on your favorite couch, or lie on your bed to enjoy your video. Only to discover that there are absolutely no, NO subtitles. Arrgh! This is the point where I start scattering my room, flinging things around and pulling my hair (Alright, I exaggerated a bit but you get the point). I would be super duper frustrated while thinking of a way out of that situation. It crossed my mind that I am probably not the only one who is undergoing this frustration. Hence, I decided to blog about it and tell all about how to get Korean drama English subtitles free download.

Some people download the drama or video and then search for the subtitle file on Google. They then open their preferred video player app if it is a phone or computer, click on Add subtitle, search for the subtitle file where it is located on the device to merge it with the film they have downloaded. This can be very stressful and difficult for someone who isn’t a nerd, a geek or a tech savant. Also, you may have to pay for some subtitles you come across. To do it more easily, please follow my instructions below.

First, download the Korean drama you would like to view. Then open your MX player app to view and select the video.

Mx player mobile view

On the top right-hand side, you will see a line of 3 vertical dots. Click on it and you will see a drop-down menu.

Pix of 3 vertical dots (more options icon)

Please select Subtitle Tab.

Pix of subtitle tab

Another drop-down menu will appear, click on Online subtitles and then Search.

Picture of Online Subtitles
Image of Search

A pop-up appears, tick the box in front of the text Enter your search text.

Popup and Search

The default name of the drama will come up. Please feel free to delete the default name and enter the name of the drama you want without adding the extensions (such as .mp4). This is so that you do not restrict the search for the subtitles.

Free English Subtitles

After a while, a list of free English subtitles for your Korean drama will be displayed. Please select the one you prefer. Sometimes after selecting the subtitle, you will be asked if you want to replace an existing subtitle. Go ahead and replace the file. This is how you get Korean drama English subtitles free download.

Now you should start viewing your dramas with English subtitles. Awesome right! I know! It made me so happy to know that I could still watch my dramas even though they had no subtitles. So go crazy and download as many dramas as you like and enjoy to your heart’s content. This also works for other films and dramas that are not necessarily Korean. Please note that a subtitle file always ends with .srt just like music ends with .mp3. You can always check the extension to make sure you are downloading the right file.

You can get MX Player in Google Play Store. I am recommending it because I use it and it has helped me in getting Korean drama English subtitles free download. I discovered that there is presently no MX player for PC. If you have a suggestion for PC users that works just as well as MX player for phones, please give us some feedback and let us know.

Please let me know if this write-up worked for you or if you want me to explain further by dropping a comment down in the comment section. Or maybe, if you have other suggestions on how to download free English subtitles for Korean drama, you can also leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you. Until next time, be safe and happy!

TIPS: When downloading a subtitle especially that of a Korean drama, please do not forget to add the number of the season and the episode. For example, the K-drama you want a subtitle for is Crash landing on you, try typing in the drama’s name, season and episode like this: Crash landing on you season 1 episode 1. This will definitely produce better results for your Korean drama English subtitles free download.

Also note that if there is more than one film/video/drama with the same name as the one you would like to watch, please remember to add the year to the name of the drama e.g King the Eternal Monarch 2020. It will help you choose the correct and relevant subtitle.

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